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Park Services

We know you’re going to have a fantastic experience at Six Flags Over Texas, and we want your time with us to be fun, adventurous and care free. That’s why we offer a wide range of helpful services to make sure you have everything you need to fully enjoy your day with us.

If you need automobile assistance, raise the hood of your car, if possible, and report your vehicle’s location to a security officer or parking lot attendant.

A complete nursing and diapering facility is located in Bugs Bunny Boomtown. Also, most women’s and most men’s restrooms provide space for baby changing.

If you get a cut or scrape or need a little TLC, head over to our First Aid station, staffed with certified paramedics during park operating hours. It is located adjacent to the La Fiesta de las Tazas. For assistance, ask any Six Flags team member.

If you’d prefer not to lug your belongings around with you all day, we offer all-day storage locker rental in the Main Gate Area next to the turnstiles and by BATMAN™ The Ride, and can be purchased with credit cards.

Parents of children under 54″ can notify a ride operator they’d like to particiate in a Kid Swap. This allows one parent to wait in a designated area with the child wihile the other rides. Then they swap places! Feel free to stop by Guest Relations for more information.


Need a break from carrying your youngsters around the park? Strollers are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. For your convenience, single, double and vehicle strollers are available to rent, next to the lockers after the Entry Plaza.

We strive to make sure that Six Flags is fun and accessible for everyone. Lots of guests with disabilities enjoy the park every day. For your convenience, wheelchair rentals are also available next to the lockers after the Entry Plaza. The fee for a standard wheelchair is $25 plus a $25 deposit, and an Electronically Controlled Vehicle (ECV) is $55, plus a $25 deposit. Because there are a limited number of wheelchairs and ECVs for rent, we suggest you bring your own and/or come early to ensure availability.

Six Flags Over Texas only accepts card and mobile payments at all in-park locations including restaurants, retail stores, games, ticket windows, and all parking toll booths. No card? No problem! Visit one of our kiosks in the park to take advantage of the cash-to-a-card program, which allows you to convert your cash to a prepaid debit card. Not only can you use this card throughout your visit, feel free to use leftover funds anywhere in the U.S. where VISA is accepted. Switching to card and mobile payments means there’s more options! You can pay for purchases using a VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, any debit card, or Apple Pay and Google Pay.